Fly Your Mind
Business Training Project

  • An innovative business training making use of a Boeing 737 flight simulator for improving business skills
  • Examples to business skills aimed for improvement are communication, team management, planning, stress management, effective decision making
  • Workshops were designed in alignment with adult learning principles and experiential learning cycle
  • Average participant satisfaction rate of workshops were over 90%
  • Examples to references: Allianz Insurance, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Sanofi, Novartis, Turkcell, Arcelik, Johnson Controls, Yusen Logistics, Koc Sistem

Some questions and thoughts for inspiration related with FYM Workshop

  • Are there any similarities between business life and the conditions in cockpit in terms of communication, team-management, leadership, stress-management, and planning skills?
  • Can we simulate business life challenges within a professional flight simulator for non-pilot participants and have them solve problems in the cockpit with their business skills?
  • How can we prepare a simple flying scenario for non-pilot participants to have them execute a simple flight session without a serious flight training?
  • What are some of the lessons taken from plane accidents that can be applied to business life?
  • How can we apply adult learning principles and experiential learning method to a business training taking place in a Boeing 737 flight simulator?
  • Can we give examples to accidents caused by human communication problems, leadership, stress-management?

Career Club Job Interview Simulation Workshops

  • Although it is very important, career planning is very rarely carried out by employees.
  • As a part of career management, job interviews are quite important while changing jobs.
  • Most of the candidates do not prepare enough for the job interviews despite that short period of interviewing may change their life.
  • Additionally, most of the candidates have very limited job interview experience.
  • Job interview simulations were designed with the purpose of preparing candidates for any job interview and for contributing to their interview success.
  • Depending on the sector, job type, field and other factors and to candidate background; interview simulations are prepared according to each candidate and are executed as tailor-made services

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Toolbox

  • Businesses have many development areas either seen or unseen regarding eliminating waste and improving performance
  • Lean Six Sigma offers a comprehensive toolbox in this regard
  • As a combination of lean methods and statistics science; LSS can be used for a variety of purposes including improving customer satisfaction or decreasing costs within a company
  • We can initiate LSS projects for helping your business improve and get ready for future challenges

Questions for Setting the Vision for Future with an Aim to Merge Past Experience with New Programming Skills

  • Can we use Web-Frameworks for digitalizing business processes?
  • How can we speed up design and development of a web-framework with the purpose of digitalizing business processes?
  • Can business processes be digitalized with less costs?
  • Can we use programming for designing better recruitment processes?
  • Can we design easy-to-learn educational programmes for programming skills for people coming from non-technical backgrounds?
  • In which new business areas can AI and Machine Learning be used?
  • In which new areas can AI and Machine Learning be used for helping our Planet and Humanity?